September 20, 2019

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About Us connects the people and businesses of Tokyo with high quality law firms in Tokyo as well as international law firms with offices in Tokyo. This website serves as a resource for Tokyo consumers to learn more about the law by providing a publishing platform for Tokyo attorneys. Consumers and businesses who want to learn more or retain an attorney can then contact the Tokyo law firm of the author attorney to learn more or seek representation.

We only allow up to five law firms per practice to be profiled on the website. Those Law Firms in Tokyo are encouraged to post profiles highlighting their experience and expertise so that consumers and businesses seeking a high quality Tokyo Law Firm can find the firms that suit their needs.

And Justice For All, an international law firm publishing network, has created as a part of its global legal website network. Founded based on a strong sense of social responsibility, we donate 10% of our profits to charitable causes benefiting humans, animals, and the environment.